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5 Outdoor Exercise Ideas For Better Health

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Have fun and get in shape at the same time. Here's 5 fun and free outdoor activities you can do today! // health & wellness / how to live a healthy lifestyle / womens health / natural health / #fitness #healthylifestyletips #outdoorexercise

With the official start of spring, now’s the perfect time of year to switch up your fitness regimen, or to begin one. Longer days and warmer weather create a great environment to try new exercises that don’t require you to visit the gym.

Best of all these routines allow you to improve your fitness while enjoying the outdoors. Discover 5 outdoor exercise routines that will help you achieve better health.


Along with the beautiful views, there are several health benefits of hiking. Improved cardiovascular health is linked with hiking, as your heart is required to work harder to keep up with the increasing physical demand. Hiking can also improve core strength because it targets many of the muscles responsible for stability and coordination.

In addition to the physical benefits to your health, hiking is a great way to reduce stress and clear your mind. Channeling negative emotions into an activity, such as hiking, allows you to redirect your attention towards positive goals and thinking.


Visit a Park

If you are looking for an outdoor exercise routine that doesn’t require much equipment, look no further than a local park. From the monkey bars, picnic benches to the trails, there’s plenty of free equipment to use during your routine. Whether you’re focusing on a specific muscle group or a full-body workout, there are several exercises you can perform at the park.

Park Bench Exercises

Monkey Bar Exercises (click to view)

  • chin-ups
  • side-swing
  • pull-ups
  • sit-ups

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Swimming is not only a great way to cool off during warmer months, but it’s also a gentle and effective way to improve your physical health. High-impact exercises such as running, while great for cardiovascular health, can have negative effects on the joints. The benefits of water-based exercise include decreased risk of chronic illness and improved health for those with heart disease and diabetes.

In addition, swimming can be used as a form of strength training. It provides a good amount of resistance while being soft on the joints and muscles. Incorporating a few strength exercises suitable for the pool into your exercise routine will help tone every muscle group in your body. Give it a try the next time you head to the pool.

Track & Field

Great for cardiovascular health, endurance and strength training, there are many benefits to taking your outdoor exercise routine to the track. Remember to listen to your body and take appropriate breaks, staying hydrated, as you perform these exercises, especially on warm days.


  • sprints
  • high-knees
  • bleacher runs
  • distance running

Backyard “Gym”

One of the great benefits of working out at home is that you can use any gym equipment you may already have. Here are a few at-home exercises you can do from the comfort of your backyard.

Upper Body


Lower Body

Whether you are a fitness expert or looking to get into better shape, it’s important to find the right balance in your workout routine. Experiment with different exercises, starting where you are in your fitness level. Remember to focus solely on your results, avoid comparing yourself to others. This is your journey and over time you will notice positive changes in both your physical health and overall well-being.