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5 Ways To Overcome Personal Failure

Getting back up after disappointment takes strength and courage. Developing strategies to help you during these tough moments is the key to your future success. Read to learn just how. // personal growth / how to change your mindset / mindset perspective / success mindset / successful people mindset #selfdevelopment #healthymindset #mindsetactivities

Personal failure is something everyone experiences in life. The ability to respond to it in a positive manner will affect your future success. Remember failure is temporary. You have the power to decide if it will limit you from pursuing your goals. Keep on reading if you want to learn 5 Ways To Overcome Personal Failure so that you may live your best life each day.

1) Change Your Perspective

Disappointment is a natural emotion to experience after falling short of reaching a personal pursuit. In fact, such a response would indicate whatever you were pursuing meant a great deal to you.

Moving forward is one of the most difficult aspects of overcoming personal failure requires you to develop a different mindset. One that allows you to look at life’s challenges from a different perspective.

I view failure as a detour on my way to success. This perspective has helped me realize failure is temporary and brings with it the opportunity for personal growth. One of the techniques I’ve begun to practice after experiencing personal failure is to ask myself the following questions.

– What can I learn from this?

– Am I willing to try again?

– What are the next steps I need to take to reach the desired outcome?

As a result of answering these questions, I’ve developed the ability to approach failure with a different mindset.

2) Change the Way You Think About Failure

Not to be cliché, but mindset really is everything. It’s the foundation on which we build so many of our personal views, habits, and characteristics. When you associate negativity with failure, it limits your mental ability to “stay in the fight” as you attempt to reach your dreams and goals.

Personal failure means different things to each of us. For some it’s a failed relationship, not earning a desired grade, or coming up short for a job promotion. In order to overcome personal failure, you need to change the way you think about these experiences. One way of doing this is to practice speaking positive affirmations.

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Practice saying the following things to yourself.

– “I will overcome this moment”

– “I’m stronger than this circumstance”

– “All of my goals are within my ability to achieve”

You have what it takes to turn any personal failure around as long as you maintain a positive mindset.

3) Redefine Failure

Redefining personal failure is an important step toward overcoming negative feelings associated with not reaching a personal pursuit. 

After a personal failure, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is my pursuit attainable given the resources, time, and sacrifice required?
  • How committed am I to this goal?
  • Am I willing to pursue this goal beyond my personal failure?

Your answers to these questions will give you some insight into how significant a personal pursuit is to you. Once you have determined this, you can take actionable steps toward achieving your dreams.

4) Redirect Your Focus

Whenever I’m working towards a personal goal, I realize there are many steps required to get there. This is a great approach to take because it’s easy to become overwhelmed by external factors.

A slight shift in focus can be the remedy for those times when you feel discouraged and want to give up. Redirecting your focus towards another priority, related to your original pursuit, can provide you with motivation. Approaching a personal pursuit in smaller steps allows you to complete tasks at a gradual pace and experience daily victories.

These daily triumphs help build confidence as you work towards accomplishing harder tasks.

5) Try Again

If there’s one point I would like you to take away from this post, it’s to never give up. I know that can be easier said than done, but it’s one of the most important lessons you can learn when overcoming personal failure. Just because something doesn’t work out the first, second, or third time, doesn’t mean you should give up. After all, some of the most successful and accomplished entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers failed many times before becoming one of the best in their field.

When I experience personal failure instead of having a defeated mindset, I will tell myself  “Ok you didn’t achieve this goal the first time around. That’s ok, you’ve discovered one way that doesn’t work, now get back up and try again, and again, and again.” Eventually, after falling down and getting back up, you will discover several ways you can successfully approach a dream or goal.

Like anything in life, learning how to overcome personal failure is something you become better at the more you experience it. While we may not like the feeling of failure, it teaches us many life lessons. You are capable of achieving anything you put your heart and mind to and it’s ok if it takes a little longer to get there. The moment you achieve your goals, you’ll realize every failure you experienced was preparing you for your greatest success. 


  • Brigette at 12:56 AM

    I love this! Definitely going to come back to this!

    Also, if you don’t mind, what is the app or whatever you use for your comments on your site? I’m using wix and I’m struggling lol

    • Sundaye at 2:40 PM

      Thank you Brigette! I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it useful.

  • I love this. It’s all about growing and learning from failure

    • Sundaye at 1:05 PM

      You are correct Natasha. Failure teaches us what works and provides experience in overcoming temporary setbacks.

  • Carla Natali at 3:19 PM

    “When you associate negativity with failure, it limits your mental ability to “stay in the fight” as you attempt to reach your dreams and goals.”
    This is just brilliant, I´ve never seen failure from this perspective and now that you said it I realize it is the only way to see it.
    Very lucid and helpful post!

    • Sundaye at 5:17 PM

      Thank you Carla 🙂 It took some time for me to change the way I thought about failure. Once I did, I began to take more chances at new things even if I knew it would be challenging. I now view these challenges as opportunities for growth.

  • Angie at 10:20 AM

    I love this! So often we look at failure as a bad thing, but it’s all about learning and growing! These are amazing tips that everyone should know!

    • Sundaye at 8:42 PM

      Thank you Angie and yes, it’s the way we look at failure that influences how we overcome it.

  • This is so beautiful and full of self-love inspiration! I adore it. Every time we fail we learn. It helps us grow and allows us to develope a new perspective. Ultimately, we come back stronger and more able to pursue our goals (or gives us the opportunity to change our minds). Failure is not only a normal part of life, it’s good for us! Thanks for the awesome inspiration ♡

    • Sundaye at 8:44 PM

      Thank you Sara for the kind words 🙂

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