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Benefits of Regular Exercise

February 7, 2018 in Fitness - 2 Comments
You don't have to be a fitness guru or work in the medical profession to understand the benefits of regular exercise. Here is a simple, yet informative, guide to help you make the decision to be physically active. // fitness/ wellness/ exercise/ workout routine / health #exercisebenefits #gymlife #gymroutine #workoutplan

Physical fitness plays an important role in our overall well-being. Studies have shown engaging in moderate physical activity 3 to 5 times a week improves several areas of our life. There are many benefits of regular exercise including decreased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

In addition to the physical benefits, regular exercise helps to improve our mental and spiritual health. Learning about various exercise activities and developing a routine are keys to being consistent with any fitness goal.

Components of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the ability of the body to perform at its highest level. Physically fit individuals can complete daily activities with energy left over to participate in recreational activities. Skill and health-related components are two groups that help determine physical fitness. (1)

– power
– agility
– balance
– reaction time
– coordination

-cardiorespiratory endurance
– muscular strength
– flexibility
– body composition

Benefits For the Body


Physical activities required to maintain weight vary from person to person. The suggested amount of time for moderately intense exercise is 2.5 hrs each week. The duration of high-intensity workouts, such as cardio, should be around 75 minutes each week.

Losing weight involves a combination of diet and physical exercise. This is important for individuals who, despite working out, have difficulty losing weight. Unless you engage in really high levels of physical activities, it will be difficult to lose extra weight. This is due to the body needing to burn off more calories than are being consumed. (2)

Bones and Muscles

Regular exercise has a significant impact on muscular endurance and strength. Muscles are composed of different tissues, filaments, and fibers. It’s important to maintain some sort of physical activity in order to maintain the efficiency of our muscles. Muscular strength is determined by how well a muscle can exert maximal force against resistance, such as pushing an object across a room. (3) You can increase muscle strength through weight training, which actively engages muscle groups.

It’s important to maintain strong muscles because as we age, bone density begins to decline. Studies have shown that participating in moderately intense aerobic strength training helps to slow down this decline. (4) When bones lose their density they become brittle, increasing the risk of bone fractures and breaks.

Another benefit of regular exercise for our muscles is the increase in muscle endurance it provides. Muscular endurance refers to how well a muscle is able to maintain a contraction. This is important because muscular endurance plays a significant role in carrying out daily functions such as walking, cleaning, and holding objects.


  • Lauren March 25, 2018 at 9:58 AM

    Yes! So regular physical activity is so important for your overall health and well-being. And in prevention of chronic disease. I live in Canada, and I really wish we would do more at a policy/infrastructure level to encourage physical activity, because most people are just not that into it:( Especially in the winter months. I don’t know what your educational background or profession is, but if you’re in health or exercise sciences check out the “exercise is medicine conferences” (In canada and US).

    • Sunny March 25, 2018 at 11:32 AM

      Thanks for the conference suggestions! I have degrees in Exercise Science and Cardiovascular Technology, and would love to attend a health conference.I agree more should be done to promote healthier living. It seems a lot of focus is given to treating illness and chronic conditions once you have them, instead of how to prevent them altogether.

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