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Creating A Positive Start To Your Week

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Practice Positive Affirmations

You don’t have to wait until Friday to decide whether or not it was a good week. Intentionally declaring your week is going to be great before it begins creates not only positive thoughts but positive actions. As you are getting ready on Monday morning repeat to yourself “I’m going to have a fantastic week.”

Create Positive Actions

There are many ways you can create a positive start to your week through your actions.

  • Meditating in the morning is a great way to create positive thoughts and actions. You can meditate during any time of the day, using different techniques.
  • Having all your things organized and ready to go limits the negative thoughts that come with rushing to beat the morning traffic. Spending time Sunday evening preparing everything you need for the next day allows you to have more time during the morning commute.

Find a Reason to Smile

Greeting someone with a smile on your way to work or once you arrive can have a positive influence not only on your day but on someone else’s day as well. You never know the struggles a person is going through. Offering a simple gesture such as a smile may mean the most to someone experiencing a difficult time.

Be Sincere

You would be amazed how being sincere and polite to others can create a positive start to your week. With so much going on in our current society, it’s refreshing when we meet people who remind us of the good in humanity. Your simple act of generosity may turn someone’s day around and lead them to respond in a positive way. A chain reaction of positivity, similar to “passing the buck”, may even take place as a result of this single action.

You have the power to create a positive start to your week. Start today and continue to work on bringing positive thoughts, words, and actions into each day. It will take consistency for this to become second nature. Over time you will find yourself approaching every day with the same excitement you have for Friday.



  • Linsey at 7:23 PM

    I use insight timer every night as I have sleep problems and it really helps. I really need to start being more organised on a Sunday night. Monday mornings are always chaotic and it’s not a good start to the week.

    • Sunny at 10:43 PM

      I love insight timer!! I play something from it almost everyday, whether it’s on my commute to work, working on my blog, or to help me go to sleep. It always puts me in a relaxed and positive place 🙂

  • Loving this beautiful list! Especially how you started it out with the important of an attitude of gratitude ♡. It makes all the difference! I love to Gratitude journal to make gratitude and positivity a daily ritual ^^. Thanks for sharing your goodness ♡

    • Sunny at 1:56 PM

      Your very welcome! It’s something I try to practice daily. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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