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Reconnecting With Your Spirituality

January 31, 2018 in Soul - No Comments
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Spirituality means different things to different people. It is often shaped by our religious beliefs, family, and culture. For those that believe in a force greater than themselves, maintaining a spiritual connection may be something of personal significance. The following is my experience with faith and reconnecting with my spirituality.

Growing up in a faith-based home I was taught the meaning behind believing in something greater than my existence. I attended church services, sang in the children’s choir and practiced reading the stories from my children’s bible. As a child, I didn’t really comprehend the value of these things. I was more interested in playing with my toys, running around outside, and watching my favorite cartoons.

During those early years faith and spirituality seemed confusing and something that was meant for adults. I would ask my parents how do you believe in something that isn’t physically present? These conversations often lasted a while due to my insatiable need to make sense of everything. My parents would sit down with me and try to explain the answers to my questions. They shared examples of how their faith in God helped them through difficult periods in their lives.

As a teenager, I felt my spirituality was in a neutral place. I was trying to distinguish my emerging beliefs from those of my upbringing. I believed in God, but I began to question some of the things I had learned about him. There were times when I asked why he allows certain things to happen, such as suffering. During times of personal frustration, I prayed for guidance and understanding. Sometimes I felt the answers to my prayers were being ignored or would take a long time to be revealed. At this point in my youth, I didn’t know how to maintain faith when faced with adversity.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked on strengthening my spirituality through reading, attending church services and having open discussions with others. My perspective about certain things has evolved which has led me to have more of an open mind. One of the biggest lessons I’m learning is having patience with myself and knowing there is a time and place for everything in my life. In the past, I would compare myself to others and feel disappointed if I didn’t have the “picture perfect” life portrayed on social media.

At this point in time, I’m focused on living my best life each day and appreciating everything I’ve been blessed with. Life is constantly moving and changing, but I’m enjoying the present and learning from the lessons it continues to teach me. Things will work out at the proper time, so until then I will maintain faith in spirit.

Feel free to comment on your experience with spirituality.

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