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Ways To Practice Positive Affirmations

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Challenge the negative words you speak to yourself with powerful uplifting messages. Read to learn how to develop the habit of practicing positive affirmations. // affirmations / positive mindset / positive thinking / personal growth #mindfulness #positivethoughts #growthmindset

Whether we realize it or not, there’s tremendous power in the words we speak to ourselves each day. When you say something out loud, over time your inner conscious begins to accept these things as true. These “momentary” statements can eventually become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Can you recount the number of times you’ve made negative statements about yourself such as “I can’t do this” or  “I’ll never lose weight”. These words are often said during periods of frustration and are forgotten soon thereafter. Being conscious of the words you speak allows you to create a positive environment for a more fulfilling reality. Here are 5 ways you can practice speaking positive affirmations.

1) Morning Affirmations

Filling your mind and spirit with positive energy is a great way to begin each morning. Spending time aligning your thoughts and words in a positive direction not only influences your mindset, it also influences daily actions. Instead of checking your phone, emails, and social media updates spend your first few waking moments practicing affirmations. As a result, you will find yourself thinking, speaking and responding to life from a place of positivity and self-love.

Affirmation Examples

  • “There is a reason for my existence”
  • “I am valuable”
  • “My life is meaningful”
  • “Great things are happening in my life”

2) Create A DIY Project

Pinterest is a great way to discover new affirmations and creative ways to display them. There are endless DIY projects, some of my favorites include:

  • Displaying post-it notes with an affirmation on a mirror
  • Creating a journal of personally written affirmations
  • Decorating and framing some of your most inspiring affirmation quotes
  • Designing a deck of cards with affirmations

3) Listen to Motivational Apps

Insight Timer and Calm are two great apps to use for relaxation and positive motivational messages. You can make them apart of your morning routine or during the evening to unwind from a long day.

4) Record Personal Affirmations

For a more personal touch, you can record yourself speaking positive affirmations and save it on your phone. You can record a new affirmation each day and play it whenever you need motivation and encouragement.

5) Create an Affirmation Journal

Journaling is a great way to freely express your thoughts and feelings. At first, it may seem challenging because you’re so focused on what to write. With daily practice you’ll notice a positive shift in your thoughts and actions.

Creating positive changes in the way you speak to yourself takes time. It must consistently be worked at but is worth it in the end. If you want to begin living your best life, make sure your words reflect just how well you want to live.